Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fluxus at the DIA

Seven or eight years ago I had the opportunity to view the Lila and Gilbert Silverman Fluxus collection which was housed in a small commercial building on Grand River. My friend Cary Loren (of Bookbeat fame) arranged for a visit and I got to tag along. Their collection was huge and amazing and I was blown away! Since that visit, I've often wished that there was some way for the collection to be open to the public. Earlier this year I learned that the Silvermans dissolved the collection and donated the bulk of it to the MoMA in New York, but recently I discovered that they also made a sizable gift to the DIA and some of it is now on view! It's worth a visit and while you are there you should check out the video installations in the "Action Reaction" exhibition and "Photography: the First 100 Years."

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