Friday, October 9, 2009

"The Necessary Friction of the Machine" at 2739 Edwin

I've been excited to see this installation at 2739 Edwin all month and can't wait for the closing reception tomorrow. It sounds amazing! It's an installation by Chicago-based sculptor Dan Price, with Celso Duque, Tanya Fitzpatrick, Mia Hooper and Peggy Jones. From 2739 Edwin's website: "For the installation The Necessary Friction of the Machine, Price plans to transform the gallery space at 2739 Edwin into a production facility, employing four General Motors assembly line workers to create a paper sculpture based on their drawings. The worker’s stories and impressions – recalled from years on the assembly line – become the iconography for the sculpture, and the structure of the automobile assembly line is borrowed as the model for artistic collaboration."

The Exhibition Closing Reception from 6-10pm on Saturday Oct 10. If you stop by from 9-5 you can see the project in process.

This gallery in Hamtramck (run by artist and curator Steve Panton) has consistently mounted exceptional exhibitions (and hosted great concerts, to boot). Read this great recent article in Metro Times for more information.

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